Youth 2000 Summer Festival

We have just come home from the Youth 2000 Summer festival at Walsingham in Norfolk. It was freezing cold and wet but some beautiful clear evenings allowed us to light the candles of our now soggy ecological prayer station, under the light of Mars And a blood red moon.

We had great fun running a workshop in which we unveiled our new mascot “the disciple”. We also ran a Cafe drop in session, where people could ask us question on any area of the ecological conversion.  We were amazed at the enthusiasm people showed to the subject of the ecological conversion and concern for nature. We were also pleasantly surprised at the amount of zeal people had for wanting to make changes in their lives to better love God and global neighbours. Listening to the views of young people and religious at this festival has been invaluable to us.

What a great weekend! Our mascot action figure; “The disciple” will however need a holiday after being enthusiastically disassembled by an army of children. More news on “The Disciple” coming soon.

Many thanks to Youth 2000 for inviting us to your festival. We will hopefully see you next year.

(please take note of the ironically placed empty coke can. (not part of the prayer station)).




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