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Make our Planet Greta Again

On 23rd April The All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group are hosting student climate activist Greta Thunberg at a special parliamentary reception, allowing Members of Parliament to hear Greta’s message directly, calling for bolder action on climate change.

This is an opportunity for you to contact your MP and make sure they attend this event. Simply write to, email, phone or drop in on your MP. Let them know you support Greta and that you wish for your MP to listen to her message. Or simply copy and paste the following letter into an email to them:

I notice that Greta Thunberg (the Swedish student who started the school strikes for the climate movement) will be addressing the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group at a special parliamentary reception on 23 April from 14:00 – 15:00. I certainly acknowledge the good work that the government is doing on addressing the climate change issue, but more urgency is needed, and Greta is doing great work inspiring further change. I would greatly appreciate it if you would attend this parliamentary reception. There is more information in the link below:

This would also be a great time to let your MP know about ‘The Time Is Now’ mass lobby on the 26th June. If you are planning on attending please also copy the sentences below into your message

I am also planing to attend ‘The Time Is Now’ mass lobby on 26 June between 1-4 PM, organised through the Climate Coalition. They are asking for MP’s to be available to talk to constituents at the Old Palace Yard. Would it be possible for you to attend this too?


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