The Ecological Conversion Group is a small group of Catholic volunteers responding to Pope Francis’s encyclical “Laudato Si” in which he calls for us to become Ecologically Converted.

The Ecological Conversion is whereby the effects of our encounter with Jesus Christ become evident in our relationship with the world around us.

Brothers Edward and John Paul made friends with Eleanor over a heated discussion on our planet’s current ecological crisis, its cause: our everyday mediocre lifestyles and the apparent lack of interest people showed to the subject. We realised we all shared a passion for saving our common home and that there needed to be a big change to the way we were living if we were to truly say that we loved our neighbours.
Spurred on by the publication of the Pope’s document “Laudato Si” we set out to help people understand how little things in our daily lives can be changed in order to build community, and in doing so build stronger relationships with God, ourselves, our neighbours through care for our common home.

This Website is intended to be a resource for anyone who wants to know more about the ecological conversion or spread it’s joyful message. We are producing resources for you to download and use, as well as creating a library of useful articles, links and videos to help you along your journey to a holy and sustainable life.

Happy Journeys!