Eco Examen



These posters can be printed or viewed electronically and serve as an examination of our daily lives, how we are doing and how we can improve. The posters are divided up into different aspects of our daily lives; Electronics, Travel, Diet and Clothing (more subjects to come soon). There are many different elements on each poster which affect our neighbours and nature, some obvious, some less obvious. They are all there to get you thinking about the impacts of our daily lives on our common home.

We use these as a group activity poster exercise to stimulate discussion but work just as well as a daily examination of conscience. Try referring to the posters at the end of every day and reflect upon what you have done that built community or had an ecologically positive effect, and then what you failed to do and how you can build on this tomorrow.

You can also use the posters as prayer stations. Be a bit creative with how you present them. Here is an example of our own attempt at the Youth 2000 festival (including mini examination of conscience card dispenser and glow in the dark road sign).


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Activity Explanation
Electronics Poster
Diet Poster
Transport Poster
Clothes Poster