This page is a collection of our resources that help you explore the idea of ecological conversion. They are mostly concerned with personal engagement with faith and the ecological crisis. Our ‘The Journey to 2030’ Campaign website concentrates on the parish centered resources.


Calling out greenwashing: The dangers of relying on carbon offsetting to compensate for continued fossil fuel emissions.


The Cafe and Catholic Bishop’s conference of England and Wales have put together an excellent range of short documentaries in response to Laudato Si’. They are really excellent at generating thought provoking questions for group discussion.

Global Healing
Global Healing: A practical response
Global Caring Part 1

Global Caring Part 2
Global Caring Part 3
Global Caring: Extra session


Daily examen prayer card
Group Discussion activity posters
Reconciliation Service (coming soon)
Virtues reflection activity
Personal pledges positive actions activity


The Ecological Conversion Group produce two magazines. The E.C.G. Magazine explores a wide range of topics surrounding integral ecology, including so far; politics, train journeys across Europe, Muppet’s Christmas Carol and the Berlin wall. The other Magazine is our reflection on the years theme for our ‘The Journey to 2030 Campaign’. It is a great place to start if you are wondering what all the ecology fuss is all about.

The Ecological Conversion Group Magazine
The Journey to 2030 Theme Magazine


Our Campaign ‘The Journey to 2030’ aims to mobalise the Catholic Church against our ecological crisis. We have put together a step by step guide to engaging your parish under the ‘Getting Started’ tab on The Journey to 2030 website.


These concise animated videos from our friends at Eco Catholic are an excellent introduction to matters of ecology and faith, clearly demonstrating the importance of our faith in care for our common home. They are useful for personal reflection, schools or group discussions.

This short animation explores the radical call of a deeper conversion, which Pope Francis calls us to undergo, where we undergo metanoia, a change of both heart and mind.
Pope Francis urges us all to view both the ecological and the human crisis through an integral approach, as a way for us all to work together to protect the earth, our common home.

A deeper reflection that looks at the broken relationship between humanity and the rest of creation, and how technology defines the way we see and interact with it.