Our 6th form Religious education syllabus unpacks the themes presented in Laudato Si’, On Care for our Common Home, exploring them in a see, judge, act framework over 10 lessons and optional debate, assessment and school action planning sessions. Fully illustrated throughout it delves into our ecological and social crises through the lenses of faith, science, philosophy and spirituality. Its main aims are to allow our knowledge of reality to be connected with our values and beliefs, motivating through hope and love to act and make a meaningful change in the world.

In the United kingdom this syllabus is intended for Core RE, ages 16-18. The syllabus is also very suitable for parishes and other community settings wishing to explore Laudato Si’.

For each lesson there are presentation slides in powerpoint and pdf formats, teacher notes, lesson background information for teachers and a student workbook.

The scheme of learning can be viewed here:

Scheme of learning

The syllabus is currently free to use. We do ask that in order to download it you register where and how you intend to use it. This helps us know how many schools or parishes are using it. We would also like to be able to contact you with any updates on the syllabus and very importantly, get your feedback. Please do not share the files with other people but refer them to this web page.

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The Ecological Conversion Group is not for profit and relies on your generosity. The syllabus has been a huge task and has involved many volunteers. We would like to keep this syllabus a free resource for teachers as we believe it is such an important subject and wish to make your lives as easy as possible in teaching it. If you are able to contribute to the further running of the group please do donate.


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The work is copyright of the Ecological Conversion Group. If you wish to reproduce any part of it please contact jp@theecg.org. The work was made possible with funding from The Assumption Legacy fund, The Passionists and the Franciscan Missionaries of the divine Motherhood.